The doctor with a heart to save lives.

super-docto_hiresDeep in the heart of a lonely suburb somewhere on the Hills of A Country that always emphasized on eco-friendly neighborhoods that would always encourage a better environment for tomorrow there lived a doctor that was forever into wanting to implement this. But he was deeply challenged by the fact that more and more people were being buried because of the fact that the neighborhood’s hospital actually had no MRI machine which old scan patients and hence help in the diagnosis of the illness that was afflicting most of his patients.
Though he knew it would be extremely expensive and equally hard a task to get  to his hospital, he clung to he hope that one day he will find a way to get this machine there and save more lives that he was constantly losing to various illnesses that he could not establish well the cause. There was a company in the city that specialized in the sale of these philips mri parts that old really benefit the suburb. So, the doctor contacted this company and explained to them exactly what was happening and that he actually needed one of these philip machines really fast and if they knew any place that would finance the buying of this machine.

Luckily for the doctor, the company actually did supply the equipment on credit and the hospital old be able to pay in installments till the final payment was made. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine was delivered after a few days and installed and hence the door was able o save more lives with this machine. Since then, this doctor has been helping other hospitals acquire this machine by even providing funds for some and they can pay him later on. This act of bravery as well as servitude has enabled his doctor save more lives and hence the emphasis of eco-friendly systems in the country remains.

How Brenda Saved Herself With Her Love for Eco Friendly Product

eco-friendlyBrenda was a stay at home mom and a lover of all things eco friendly, but she sadly was having more and more trouble with her husband every day. They never fought per se, but he was extremely distant. He even struggled to make eye contact with the kids and thought he was being a great dad if he bounced them on his knee for a mere two minutes at the end of the day. One week, Brenda learned from their apartment manager that the rent hadn’t been paid. Their family would have to move out if it wasn’t taken care of in three days.

This had happened before – her husband had lied about paying the rent in the past. Brenda was not willing to put up with it so she kicked him out. She scrambled for the money, selling everything she could including her beloved camera. It was just enough to cover the rent, but she knew she would have to do it all over again next month. Luckily, she had been making her own eco smart cleaning products for years, and she had an idea. What if she turned her passion for green cleaning into a business. Brenda went out and bought several empty spray bottles, and she filled them with her homemade eco smart products. She began selling them to friends. Luckily, she had a lot of upscale friends who were very interested in being green. Unfortunately, however, the proceeds were not enough to cover all of her bills.

She knew she had to get child support from her husband whom she had kicked out, but with limited resources, she felt stuck, and the courts were taking forever to implement a wage garnishment. She decided to take her business a step further. Now, instead of just making eco smart products, she would also offer cleaning services. She would specialize in green cleaning, and at the end of each job, she would offer a spiritual cleansing for the home by burning sage. Through the help of her friends and a wide network of people, Brenda established her business, and it began to thrive. Soon, she had more clients than she could manage on her own, and she had to hire a few employees.

With three years, she had outsourced all of the cleaning, and she just managed the office and handled the backend of things. Brenda would have never imagined that things could go so amazingly well, but she did it. Her love for eco smart products turned into a career, and ultimately, it saved her life.