El Mariachi

If you are fortunate enough to be in Houston, Texas , you must see the outstanding mariachi bands! Massive hats, matching uniforms, impressive mustaches, multiple acoustic guitars playing , and beautiful voices singing. How can you pass up the Houston Mariachi?


Because of how South-West Texas is, Houston Mariachi thrives. It is among tradition that Houston Mariachi plays at mass, dinners, weddings, and other great events. Rumor has it that Mariachi bands started playing at church mass in Houston first! Not to mention the great names in Houston Mariachi like Mariachi Tradicion de Jalisco, Mariachi Monumental Tapatio, Mariachi Calmecac, and Mariachi Guadalupano!


Finding these bands to for your events are extremely easy, there are so many Houston Mariachi bands on google with numbers and free quotes, it would be hard not to find what you like! They also all have ratings, even though every band is great, I suggest checking the ratings and reviews just incase. You don’t want some first-time mariachi band to be playing for your wedding, do you? Of course not, you want the best of the best for a special occasion like that, so just make sure to do some research before hiring anyone. Possibly ask for references, videos, years experience, and local places they have currently played in to check if they are the real deal.


If hiring your own Houston mariachi band is not in the budget, or you simply don’t have anything that special to celebrate yet, you can always go to a mariachi restaurant! Places like Fiesta En Guadalajara, El Patio, and El Jardin will often times hire a mariachi band for a live performance. There is nothing better than watching Houston mariachi bands at a mexican restaurant and being a part of the crowd. It’s like being right there in Mexico. It’s actually making me hungry just thinking about it!